30 Day Challenge
The 30 Day Challenge
Join 6 of our ladies who have taken on the WonderCore Genius Challenge
From 20s right up till 70s, we'll show you how the WonderCore Genius works for real people all ages and sizes
Follow their journeys below
Meet Our Ladies
Louise, 21
"I'm feeling pumped for it"
Leanne, 38
"I wouldn't say I lead the most healthiest of food and alcohol lifestyles"
Annie, 41
"It'd be nice to have it at home to have the opportunity to do something if I don't get to the gym"
Alison, 56
"For me I need to find something that's enjoyable and easy to do"
Janet, 65
"It's a big commitment, 30 days, but I'm up for it"
Sue, 72
"I know I'm 72 but it's really important to me to feel nice"
Meet Our Personal Trainer
Beginning Interview
Final Interview
"I'm Olivia, I'm a 40 year old mother of 3 and I'm a personal trainer"
Olivia has devised our 30 day program that works for all ages and sizes
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The perfect Gym-In-A-Box, at home fitness set that will work your whole body

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